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You work hard to achieve many things in your life: a good education, an established professional career, a successful business.

As a leader, these are all things you felt prepared for.  But there may be other things happening with you or your circle of influence that you didn't expect:

  • Postpartum, blended family or adoption hardships

  • Trouble in your marriage

  • Mental health challenges impacting home or work

  • A traumatic past

  • Kids acting out

  • A toxic work environment

  • Poor work-life balance for yourself or your employees


You don't have to settle anymore. We help leaders manage their toughest people problems at home and at work, all with a social justice and neurodiversity-affirming lens.


The time for more fulfilling relationships in your home, business, and community is now.  With our individual, couple and family therapy, as well as training and consulting services, we’re here to help you get there.

Let's go from here to better, together.

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