Bridge Providers

Our providers are committed to helping families build a HOME from the inside out! But unlike real-estate, we believe a person’s HOME is never beyond repair.  At any of your life’s stages, these Bridge Providers are equipped to help you along your journey.  In addition, they work collaboratively with one another and with all of your other healthcare providers.



“I am established but I’m single, wishing I had someone to share it all with and I don’t know what’s hindering me.” – You need an architect to help you plan the HOME of your dreams before it is even built, so it will last!


“We are going to get married soon, but we want to get some help preparing for married life.” – You need a builder to help you establish your dream HOME so it stands when storms come.



“We have issues that are causing our family to fall apart!” – You need a renovation expert to help you identify the true source of each concern and create solutions for a healthy HOME.


“We have a history of mistrust, trauma, and broken or distant relationships in our family that have been neglected.” – You need a restoration agent to help you unearth and refinish those delicate areas to reveal the beautiful HOME beneath.

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