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Our Approach - Let's Go HOME

By combining state board-certified Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists with a variety of certified life coaches who have vast life experiences, we provide a unique, innovative and collaborative approach to treatment along with multiple programs to foster healthy family life.  Thus, we are fully equipped to help you plan, build, renovate or restore a HOME from the inside, out by using any combination of the following HOME program components:


Healthy Order

Learn how to establish healthy order, family vision and mission as well as the importance shared identity for a fulfilled family life.

Open Communication

Communication is the key to a happy marriage and family.  Though you’ve probably heard that a million times, making that a reality at home is a very different story.  This portion of the program will help you learn and practice the basics of healthy communication tailor-made for your family style.


Management of Family Life

Learn how to create a day-to-day routine, family-related stress management techniques, managing work-life balance, preventive family care and more.


Education and Preparation of Children

Parents learn the importance of practicing what they preach, changing the narrative around the parent-child relationship, and out-of-the box parenting techniques.  We also assist families in preparing teens for life as adults and creating a family environment that fosters the legacy mentality.

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