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Connected Colleagues Consulting

A Bridges Family Life Center Service

     Over 80% of boards and leadership teams say diversity, equity inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) matter and are concerned with the lack of diversity with regards to race, disability, and more.  Yet less than 67% of those leaders feel they are doing enough to achieve their DEIA goals. Most leaders are stuck between wanting to make progress, and knowing how  to make it happen. That's where we come in.

      Connected Colleagues Consulting (C3) at Bridges Family Life Center, specializes in serving organizations seeking growth in hiring, retaining, and promoting BIPOC, disabled, neurodivergent, and otherwise traditionally marginalized colleagues. Backed by over a decade of experience using relationship science to transform families, schools, and organizations, our equity and inclusion training and consulting services have improved the lives of hundreds of leaders and the organizations they lead.  With lower turnover, plus increased employee satisfaction, mental wellness, productivity, and value alignment, our clients are equipped to pursue their service missions more effectively.

We cherish all our clients and partners who choose to pursue equity, inclusion, and mental wellness. Here are a few:

  • NBC Universal

  • Underwriters Laboratories RDU

  • National Maternal Mental Health Hotline

  • Duke University

  • North Carolina State University

  • Appalachian State University

  • Council for Exceptional Children's Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities (DADD)

  • Washington State Society for Clinical Social Work

  • SAFEchild

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Meet Your Lead Consultant

     An award-winning educator, innovative mental health leader, and respected neurodivergence and disability self-advocate, Janelle Johnson provides training and consulting regarding intersectionality of ableism, sexism, and racism internationally. She currently serves as President of the NC Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.  She also volunteers as a subject matter expert with Postpartum Support International as well as Give-An-Hour: a national military mental health initiative.

     A graduate of NC State University and Chapman University, she has returned to her first alma mater as a doctoral student in the Educational Equity program where she is also a doctoral research assistant studying education interventions for Black autistic students and their families. Mrs. Johnson delivers dynamic, culturally sustaining and trauma-sensitive learning experiences, providing hope and guidance for healthy intercultural connection and work-life harmony.  In her free time you’ll find her hanging out with family, eating great food, gaming, hiking, or resting while binging k-dramas on Netflix.

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Janelle Johnson, LMFT-S

CEO and Founder | Mental Health Leader | Equity Scholar | Neurodiversity Researcher

Speaking and Training Samples

Speaking and Training Samples
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NeuroEmergence 2023 Presentation Janelle Johnson - Neurodivergent Family Life
Play Video

NeuroEmergence 2023 Presentation Janelle Johnson - Neurodivergent Family Life

Neurodiversity Foundation
Do I Need Therapy? My Conversation with Janelle Johnson LMFT
Play Video

Do I Need Therapy? My Conversation with Janelle Johnson LMFT

Odell Bizzell
Supporting mental health in Black autistic & disabled communities -- with Janelle Johnson
Play Video

Supporting mental health in Black autistic & disabled communities -- with Janelle Johnson

Beyond 6 Seconds

How We Collaborate to Craft A Winning Work Culture


Holistic Systems Thinking

Relationship is the meaning of life - and work is no exception. We teach leaders how to approach systemic problems with systemic solutions by centering wellness using the power of healthy relationship to foster The Legacy Mentality.


Trainings and Workshops

You want everyone on the same page when it comes to accomplishing inclusion goals, but you're not sure exactly where to start. We'll help you ensure buy-in remains solid using education to spark Groupthink for Good.


Implementation Plans

Collaborating with your leaders, we guide you in creating and implementing goals for inclusion that address personnel, policy and procedures, transforming your organization into a place where anyone would love to work


Social Justice Lens Development

Equity is key to a winning work culture. It takes a healthy perspective on social justice to make it happen that doesn't scare everyone away or burn people out. We make it happen by delivering trauma-sensitive, culturally sustaining inclusion development tools to shape and sharpen your approach to equity work.


Data Collection

Every organization is different, but with the right data leaders can determine what will work best in cultivating intercultural connection. We gather qualitative data using our trademarked Collective Conversation® method, quantitative data using the Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory (ICS), and/or customized research designs.


Work-Life Harmony

Nothing works well without rest, enrichment and support - and equity work is no exception. We assess how mental and relational wellness are impacting your goal for a winning work culture.  To address and prevent burnout, we guide you in honoring your humanity with built-in wellness elements, as well as executive coaching.

The Duke Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) staff were very impressed with the training Janelle Johnson led on social justice advocacy and ableism. It is clear she is breaking new ground with her research, fostering hope for the BIPOC neurodivergent community.  I was so intrigued, it led me to follow up and request Janelle’s expertise on another project. She is an excellent trainer and educator that I highly recommend.

Mazella Fuller PhD, LCSW, CEDS-S
Clinical Associate at Duke University
Co-Founder at Institute for Anti-Racism and Equity in Mental Health

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